When you explore the villages in the mountains here, you will notice most of the chalets appear quite similar from a distance. Classic sloped roofs, picture postcard pretty, on a hillside.



Some have cowbells proudly displayed at the front denoting prize winning dairy cows.


Many sport a Swiss flag proudly waving  – especially noticeable around August 1st, National Swiss Day.


Others have flower boxes spilling over with geraniums.


When you get closer, you will notice the woodwork detail on the balcony provides an opportunity for difference, where most other architectural elements (to this untrained eye at least) remain uniform.

This is the place for different motifs or patterns to appear, or gingerbread as we call it.

DSC09330  DSC09327



Along with the painted shutters, this is another way your chalet can stand out from the crowd. Subtle ways the Swiss break out of the mould.


(OK, this second shot is not from the mountains but from nearby La Tour de Peilz but it shows how striking painted shutters can be).


Spotting lovely carved woodwork can be one of the joys of the mountain villages, aside from being amongst the breathtaking natural beauty of course!

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